At the Bridge Group we are firmly committed to the privacy of our affiliates/clients and website visitors. This privacy policy is intended to provide visitors with an understanding of our website information gathering practices. This policy is applicable to

Collection of Information

The Bridge Group does not collect any personally identifiable information from visitors to its website unless such information has been voluntarily provided by the visitor. We may also collect your name and e-mail address if you send us electronic mail from one of the locations where that is an option.

In addition to the above, we also automatically collect the IP address, type of browser and operating system of our visitors. This process, however, does not extract any personally identifiable information. Therefore, no personally identifiable information is collected from you unless you knowingly provide it.

At some places on the Bridge Group web site, the use of a "cookie" may be offered. Most browsers now recognize when a "cookie" is offered, and permit the user to opt out of receiving it. If you are not sure whether your browser has this capability, you should check with the software manufacturer or your Internet service provider. "Cookies" are used on the Bridge Group web site to facilitate use of an area of the web site. We do not use "cookies" to collect and distribute information to third parties for marketing purposes.

Use of Information

The Bridge Group uses the information it collects to measure the effectiveness of our website and the satisfaction of our visitors. We will remove you from our mailing list upon your request.

Disclosure of Information

Under no circumstances will the Bridge Group sell or disclose any of the information collected, whether automatically or voluntarily provided, to any party not directly affiliated with the Bridge Group.

Site Links

Our site may contain links to other non-Bridge Group websites we believe may be of interest to our visitors. These links are provided to you only as a convenience. The Bridge Group is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any of those sites. The Bridge Group reserves the right to change this policy at any time by posting a new policy at this location.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or practices, please contact us.



Each law firm that is a member of the Bridge Group is a separate legal entity and is not affiliated with the other firms in a partnership, joint venture or other legal relationship. Nothing in the information contained in this site or other written or verbal material does, or should it be construed to create such a relationship.

Each firm maintains complete autonomy to exercise professional service on an individual basis.